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Austin Gamblers

Austin Gamblers Green & Black Walkout Jersey

Austin Gamblers Green & Black Walkout Jersey

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Show off your love for the Austin Gamblers with our Green & Black Walkout Jersey! Designed to fit like a pro jersey, this piece is perfect for summer fun. Just like the riders, you'll look the best whether it's for 8 seconds or all night at Gambler Days. Be a true fan and grab one today!

-Jersey Features the Austin Gamblers Primary logo and sponsors displayed prominently

-Custom Wild Bill Pattern Inner cuff and Under Shirt Collar

-Gamblers always keep an ace up their sleeve so each cuff has the Austin Gambler Dead Man's Hand logo on the cuff

*Please note this is a fitted jersey designed for the riders. It may fit snug. If you prefer a roomier fit we recommend going up at least 1 size.*

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